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Ethical Steps - Beach Clean

Over the weekend we had our “family day” and we decided to take ourselves off to one of Devons many beautiful beaches to do a beach clean. 

After driving down many winding roads we found ourselves at our old time fave beach for it’s pure beauty, Blackpool Sands (highly recommend it for a visit). 

We all sniggered as we got out the car “typical! We come to one of Devons cleanest beaches to do a beach clean” as we laughed and eye rolled.

Then we stepped onto the incredibly immaculate looking beach (to the point we started to question how “natural” the beach really is) we were in awe of it’s utter beauty! But it wasn’t long before we got stuck in and once the beach clean ball was rolling it just didn’t stop.

Of course, how could we be so silly... the sea water is what brings in the rubbish. After all we are beach cleaning to SAVE THE OCEAN! Duurrr!! The shore line and seaweed banks were absolutely strewn with junk. It was heartbreaking.

As we walked along beside the lapping waves, stopping every step to pick up surrounding plastic - we talked about how crazy it is that there aren’t laws in place requiring people to do beach cleans at least once every season. Imagine what a change that would make!! 

You see we have Bodhi, our 6 year old boy. And what really hit home for me is the stark reality that our generation and the one before us have really left a right old mess for the next generation to clean up... and they aren’t happy about it.

We fucked up, our generations started destroying the planet. And now there is no time left to not give a damn. So the LEAST we can do is teach our children to be better than us and to guide them on how to navigate our mess for when we aren’t around to shield them from it anymore. 

Bodhi is always talking about ways to save the animals, the planet and how to protect and look after the environment. It’s a subject he cares deeply about and we are now taking steps in our day to day lives to be more ethical in our home, business and life where ever we go. 

On our beach clean we picked up loads of plastic bits, cups, polystyrene aeroplane toys, lego, sanitary towel wrappers, usb cabels, toy parts, crisp packets, ice cream wrappers and general plastic junk.

When we reached the end of the beach we decided to treat ourselves after the beach clean to some chips. And just at that moment I turned around and found a ten pound note peaking out from a pile of seaweed!! A little thank you token from the ocean and a reminder that the good things we put into life really do pay us back. Not always in financial gain but in more important ways like the longevity of our source of life - this ball of earth we depend on for survival!

As I take steps in trying to become more ethical in business and in life I’ve decided to track some of the journey on here. It’s important we all start to shout it from the rooftops. Children are wise these days and they aren’t impressed by the mess their elders have made of this planet. Let’s all take steps in looking after this planet we are so fortunate to live upon and lets not mock children and those younger than us who know better then we did at their age!  There is a lot to be learned if we just listen to them, after all the path we create is where they shall walk. Lets make sure its a beautiful one!