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Exeter Etsy Market

This weekend was the final Etsy Exeter Makers Market of the year and I was so so honoured to be able to take park with my FTA goods.
The ladies behind this absolutely incredible market (Rosie Johnson, Lily Faith and Jess Pearson. All incredible women you should be following online) are so awesome and put so much time and effort into the process behind the coming together of Exeters Makers Markets. 
There were so many incredible makers there, all carefully selected - You truly feel you are walking into some thing special at these markets and I believe us makers always leave with a badge of honour to have taken part. I was honestly blown away by all the talent and skill that was on display. But what blows me away even more is the incredible uplifting and infinite support all the makers have for one another. I felt it and I know others felt it too. It's just the most wonderful community to be a part of especially as a woman. Just WOW!
And then my incredible customers. Honestly it makes me tear up with happiness when I think about it. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and the kindness and support I received just blew me away.
I spend so much time in my little studio at home in the attic making away with a passion. But it's lonely at times. The online community is wonderful and honestly keeps me going through the relentless hours spend in my studio alone making away. But to be at the market around crowds of people is another thing all together.
I really want to thank everyone who came out to see us from the bottom of my heart, those of you who told me you have followed my journey on instagram and seeing my business grow from the very start to what it is now within the last 9 months. You have no idea how much that means to me. The love and support was completely overwhelming. It's really quite a thing for me to go from making away in my studio to being hit with the kindness and support in person over the space of a few days. Thank you so much, truly from the bottom of my heart. And everyone who purchased some thing from my stall, again thank you so much. I have made every single thing with so much love and passion and I really hope you enjoy wearing your goodies and wear them with pride and feel the love that has gone into them.
I was also so lucky to have the wonderful help from my dear friend and fellow maker Sarah (from Wonderstruck Handmade). I don't think I would have managed it without her. She is such a burst of positive energy and I felt it every day she was there as i'm sure others did too. She also struggles with chronic health conditions and has a lot of commitments at home so for her to go out of her way and find all that time to volunteer help was just another example of what a loving human being she is. Thank you my darling.
So now it's over and as exhausted as I am, I already miss it. I think a lot of fellow makers would agree that this market really does some thing for the soul. What an incredible space to be in and a part of. I hope everyone who walked through those doors to see us all really felt it also.