Delivery Notice: during these times all orders are sent out every Friday to help minimise risk. We are taking all precautions possible to stay safe. We hope you can understand.

Face Mask Freebies and Your Support

During this crazy time we are all in I was truly expecting to have to temporarily and begrudgingly shut shop. I prepared my farewell for now post and felt gutted at the prospect of it all. 

However on the day that I was going to share this post and put up a notice on my website my phone started to go mad with orders. Out of nowhere you all suddenly rallied round (probably unknowingly) and kept the FTA ship sailing. WOW! 

I'm not going to lie there were many moments I shed tears of absolute love, happiness and appreciation. As a family we rely solely on our self employed incomes from my husbands business and my own. What lay ahead was severe anxiety inducing times that we could not predict but you all turned that around.

As a thank you for the support and keeping FTA alive I decided to start making protective face masks to add to your orders as freebies and a thank you made from my scrap fabrics.

I promised that as long as I had scrap fabrics to work with I would be adding the face masks to your orders. However you all continued to be absolutely amazing and the orders kept coming through in larger amounts than I've ever had before. This is absolutely incredible and again has kept the business going (along with my mental health) but unfortunately due to the unexpected amount of orders I ran out of scrap fabrics pretty quickly. Remember it's just me working behind FTA. From the sourcing, making, photographing, website creating, research, communication, social media running, packing and sending and just about anything else involved with FTA. I worked day and night for weeks to make these face masks as I was so determined to let you all know how much I deeply appreciate the support during these times. But I wasn't expecting to run out of scraps so soon.

Supply is so limited at the moment for me to source everything I need but i'm doing my best. For now the freebies have had to stop while I work hard on finding another way I can continue making these for you all.

It's been full on though i'm not going to lie. I'm at home now full time with my son by my side almost every minute of every day so juggling all the balls means things aren't moving as quickly as I would like to be able to keep the shop stocked and face masks made etc. But i'm definitely not complaining and i'm definitely doing all I can. 

Having FTA to keep my focus on does absolute wonders for me and my family on every level. Your support means everything to us. THANK YOU!

While face masks aren't available right now I am doing every thing I can to try and bring them back to your orders and possibly to sell on the website individually also in the coming weeks. Bare with me xx

I keep daily updates on everything involving FTA over on my instagram and facebook so come and follow us over there if you don't already.

Thanks again and I truly hope every one is keeping safe and well,

Marcia - FTA