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Radio Silence and Changes! FTA Updates...

As we all know the last year has been completely crazy and life changing in many ways.

I wanted to let you all know FTA is going back to basics!

You may have noticed occasional radio silence from us or particularly me especially on social media and here's why...

Over the last two years FTA snowballed into a incredible little success that I honestly was not expecting or prepared for. I tried to roll with the ever growing snowball the very best I could but when the pandemic hit and life changed drastically all around the world it was incredibly hard to keep up with the success of my business. Ideally I needed to take on a team of people but this wasn't possible while we were in what felt like a forever lockdown!

During the pandemic we also moved home into our forever home. Life changed again hugely. To put it in a nutshell... having a successful business during a global pandemic and moving into your forever home led to the dreaded BURN OUT!

I took a good few months off and closed the shop temporarily and used the time to just be and allow myself to naturally come to what would be the next steps after burn out.

What I realised was through the success of FTA I lost my original focus for the business completely and ended up only making hair accessories to keep up with demand.

One of my biggest creative outlets is my art work, which comes in all forms from painting, drawing, making, creating, engraving and more. In the last two years I had only created artwork for my embroidery... which is a very limited outlet for me. I realised other than embroidery designs I had done no artwork whatsoever. There wasn't the time. In fact there wasn't the time for anything anymore.

A big reality check hit me... what's more important: Success in a limited form of creative expression or being able to truly do what you love again without success in mind.

I think you know where i'm going with this...

I also realised the unhealthy game on social media for businesses and I wanted out. I need things to be authentic (hence the name of my business). If it's a game for likes and clout then I quickly lose interest both in what i'm doing and what others are doing who play the game. I'm not in the business of glorifying burn out and that "daily grind", sure it felt empowering at first but I see a whole other side to it now and feel it's important to be transparent that it can also be complete BS. If you are going through this... I see you (insert internet hug) which is also why I want to be transparent about this.

Of course it's necessary to a degree but it's also designed to kind of take over and make you feel like it's a big important part of business.

Overall I was losing sight. I wasn't creating what I wanted to create in fear of losing interest in my products and business. I created only to sell.

The original idea was I create what I want to create, share what I create online and occasionally sell some pieces too and I never got a chance to do that. I got side tracked entirely by the "best sellers"

So what i'm saying is FTA isn't going away but it is going back to basics, back to what I originally wanted and intended it to be.

There will still occasionally be hair accessories but there will also be other things I create. one off pieces, small quantity limited pieces of all sorts of things that I create. They will be online as and when I make them which will be a whole lot less often than how it has been with the hair accessories.

I also plan on sharing tutorials on how to make some of the things i've made, some best sellers along with "make your own" kits.

I'm still here but things will be different.

I am so incredibly grateful for the support and custom I have received over the last two years, it's truly been a dream come true and boy do I have the best customer base! But I need to get back to doing what I really love doing with FTA and I am excited for that. I'm excited for it to feel more like a part of me again and less like a brand. There is enough "stuff" in the world and I want to be very mindful how much I am adding to that moving forward.

For more of what i'm up to when i'm a little quiet on social you can find me on instagram @marcia.fta I share a lot more on there and keep my Freetheauthentic account on insta entirely for business related things.

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to sunnier days.

Loadsa love,

Marcia - FTA x