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Stay Present!

We can all get a little lost on social media, our phones and the internet. We all know it’s not good for ourselves or our relationships.

I know first hand I go through phases being a little too quick to capture moments with my phone but some thing i’ve realised is I don’t regret capturing the moments, I want to keep doing that because I know i’ll thank myself when i’m older but I do know I don’t need to share everything.

I’ve gotten into a habit now of putting together photo books, you know - real life ones that you flick through with your fingers and hold with your hands, that has ACTUAL pages to turn and is made of some form of paper 😜 remember those? It feels so much more special and like i’m really honouring my memories.

There’s some thing about having Bo (my boy) which is also teaching me A LOT about the responsibility of the internet and how careful we should be. I don’t hold him from it but I want him to be internet smart. To know the fun side, be aware of the dangers and how to use it as a fantastic tool for your life, business and mind.

There are so many, TOO MANY - time’s I see people post on social media about “enlightening” moments they are experiencing and all I can think is “how are you truly having a moment here if you’re first thought was to take a picture and share it to social media” there’s nothing wrong with sharing things upon reflection, but in the midst of a moment!!

Really?! So I call BALLSHIT on the whole “if you didn’t post it did  it even happen?” hashtag/expression. Because I honestly believe it actually happened if you were truly there, in the moment and NOT preoccupied with your social media.

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