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About FTA

“​Free your authentic self, feel empowered through your style and celebrate YOU every day!”
FTA Founder & Maker - Marcia Waldstadt-Quinn
The Message:
The Free The Authentic range is here to inspire those who love to express themselves through their style. With statement pieces and unique beautiful designs, our range is a nod to fashion in history and the modern day combined.
Hugely inspired by self love, decades gone by, boho, urban, outdoorsy mountainous forest adventures and retro Californian beach/boarding lifestyle vibes
(yeh, there's a lot that inspires FTA).
Here to empower those who identify as female!
"Free The Authentic is a brand to empower you to live to your full
potential in whatever way that truly defines you as a individual."
The Product:
The Messy Bows were created through experimenting with headscarf styles over headbands/alice bands. 
With a life long passion for headscarfs and feeling the love hate relationship for them with how beautiful and empowering they look but also how frustrating they can be to get the look just right while having to readjust them throughout the day/night to check it still looks just as on point as when you first styled it, I decided to focus on creating a design of the headscarf look over a alice band so you can get that same flawless headscarf look every time without the fuss of styling! The perfect yet effortless look to complete your style. 
Named The Messy Bow to reflect the casual yet elegant and powerful look of the headscarf style worn and styled throughout history by women in a vast variety of ways and purposes. Now we amazing women live busy lifestyles I felt it was high time a more practical design of the headscarf look existed for the modern day woman, So I created the Messy Bow!
They are a FTA original design. Designed and handmade by myself (Marcia) making them one of the first headscarf style headbands/alice bands available on the market for adults. This is some thing we truly pride ourselves on here at FTA as they have also become our best sellers along with other makers and brands also imitating The Messy Bow (We’ll take that as a compliment). 

The Headwear range is perfect for those who love hair accessories with a little extra flare and edge. Made with a love and passion for hair pieces with a difference.
Our headbands were born from the idea of wanting to wear headscarf styles without the fuss of styling. Achieving the same flawless look every time.
Each head piece is designed and handmade with great passion and all fabrics are very carefully selected.
The inspiration for the headbands grew into a expanding range of accessories and  the Free The Authentic fashion line. 
Our Embroidered Ethical Wears collection 
Here at FTA we find varieties of ethical clothing be it vintage, preloved, organic or recycled and give them a new lease of life by customising them with our own designs through embroidery. All pieces of clothing are carefully selected and then embroidered in house using my own artwork and embroidery machine. 
By using preloved, vintage, organic or recycled materials/clothing we are taking the steps we truly believe in to make fashion more ethical. There is so much potential in billions of pieces of fabric and clothing and some times they just need a little edge and customisation to bring them back to life. Our approach also means that all wears will be truly unique and one of a kind making them all the more special and worthy of love.
The Jewellery Line is handmade using either polymer clay or toxic free resins and paints along with planet friendly glitter and sparkles. Statement pieces lovingly handmade with carefully chosen charms to compliment each design. Each piece of jewellery is designed to compliment our hair accessories.
Adorn your head and add extra flare to your style.
Free the Authentic Story:
Free The Authentic was founded by myself Marcia. I've had a life long love affair with hair accessories and fashion. 
The headbands initially started when I began playing around with making my own as I struggled to find the headbands I loved on the market particularly more practical headscarfs. I began experimenting with different styles and fabrics, dedicating my efforts to the invention of The Messy Bows while also creating other hair accessories with our own unique twist to make our products some thing truly unique and beautiful to wear. 
I also focussed on wanting to incorporate high quality items at affordable and fair prices for the FTA family. So much love and passion is devoted to every aspect and corner of FTA and I hope this reflects through the brand. 
Based in beautiful Devon (UK), I hand make and design all the things you see here at Free the Authentic. Along with the FTA fashion line which includes my illustrations and designs embroidered in house on to ethical clothing.
Being a mother to my amazing son and two dogs and partner to Daryl, while home edding, going on skateboard missions with family and friends, van travels and life generally being an endless exciting adventure, Free The Authentic became my place away from the daily hustle and bustle that was my own, my outlet for my love and passion for hair accessories, fashion, art and all that inspires me in life with a ethical journey in mind.