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Caring For Your FTA Products

How to look after your FTA Wears:
Our Wears Collection are made using either organic or recycled materials. The prints are made using vegan inks and a DTG method. This means the prints are a little more delicate than those made unethically. This doesn't mean they can't live a life as long as the tshirt itself, it just means a little more care needs to be taken during the washing and drying process. We recommend washing them at 30 degrees in the machine and air drying them. When it comes to ironing you must use grease proof baking paper over the print (so there is a layer of paper between the print and iron). Doing it this way can actually increase the life of the print. However ironing directly onto the print will immediately destroy and melt the print. This is the nature of DTG prints made using vegan inks so please do follow the instructions above.
Looking after your FTA Hair Accessories:
We recommend spot washing hair accessories or hand washing them. They can be ironed and we also recommend using hair straighteners to iron out any creases in the messy bows that may occur over time.