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How Does FTA Work?

If you have stumbled upon our shop, firstly Hi, Welcome and secondly you may have noticed a few things out of stock leaving you wondering when and how you can get your hands on our products?! 
Who "We" are:
Well firstly, Hi.. My name's Marcia and I am the sole owner and maker here at FTA. Free the Authentic is primarily run by me and me only with the occasional extra pair of hands to help me during busier times of the year or when we experience business boom!
I am a full time mum, home educator and home maker (veggie growing and home design becoming one of my main time stealers!). I run absolutely everything myself here at FTA from web design, communications, social media, content, sourcing, making, marketing,  the list goes on. 
It's a lot running this show by myself but I truly love it because i'm a firm believer in slow fashion, ethical and eco friendly business morals and a more careful, concious and attention to detail process behind a business.
This means stock is always unique, limited and we don't mass produce. 
Quality Over Quantity With A Ethical Journey In Mind:
We are currently a small business with high customer demand, so that means we don't have a great big factory spinning out thousands of products every month but we do work incredibly hard to satisfy our amazing and awesome customer base. We prioritise quality over quantity, always keeping the focus on the quality of our products and unique designs making them some thing truly special.
We have made it our mission to produce beautiful and unique products that are as ethical and eco friendly as we can possibly make them.
Re-using preloved and vintage fabrics as well as organic and ethically sourced fabrics using remnants and deadstock also. We truly believe in the beauty of reclaiming, re-using and saving incredible fabrics that still have so much life in them from going to landfill, as well as reducing the impact on our planet through carefully sourcing our materials and where they come from/how they are made.
We also believe slow fashion and slow business in general is absolutely vital for the sustainability of our beautiful planet as well as all the people behind a business. That is why we make every effort to keep FTA from the fast pace rat race and help it remain to be some thing truly special with products our customers can be proud to wear and own.
As well as being stocked in beautiful stores, boutiques and hairdressers across the UK we also have our products available here on our online store as and when we make them.
FTA On Social and Newsletter:
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