CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS! Original Creator of the Messy Bow, Curly Band, Handmade Accessories and Embroidered Ethical Wears. Next Restock To Be Announced.

How Does FTA Work?

If you have stumbled upon our shop, firstly Hi, Welcome and secondly you may have noticed a few things out of stock leaving you wondering when and how you can get your hands on our products?! Well we are happy to say that as well as having stockists we also do regular restocks.
Quality Over Quantity!
We are currently a small business with high customer demand, so that means we don't have a great big factory spinning out thousands of products every month but we do work incredibly hard to satisfy our amazing and awesome customer base. We prioritise quality over quantity, always keeping the focus on the quality of our products and unique designs making them some thing truly special.
As well as being stocked in beautiful stores, boutiques and hairdressers across the UK we also do regular restocks here on our website. Things work differently around here and this is how we work...
We are currently doing regular restocks and launches of new collections either once a month or every few weeks. Some times we restock the same seasonal items and other times we launch new products and designs. 
We announce our next restock dates on both our social media and website home page or on the announcement bar at the top of this page.
Because we are a small business with a very small team this does mean our restocks and launches are fairly limited with how much we have available. While we work incredibly hard to make as many of each item as possible we definitely aren't churning out thousands of products every month. This some times means that some people will miss out on an item they may have their eye on while others were able to get them. All though this has it's down side with some customers missing out (luckily only a few as we are currently able to provide for at least 95% of our customer base) there is still some really positive things about this and they are as follows:
- When buying from our restocks you are supporting a small business within the UK. 
- Every thing is handmade with great care and all materials are high quality and carefully sourced
- Your items remain completely unique and special knowing there wasn't mass production involved in the making
- Our Messy Bows and Curly Bands are FTA original designs that started here with us so you are supporting not only our brand but our vision and completely new and unique designs never been made before us
- Customer care is our number one priority because we are a small business. We love you as much as you love our products so we always will do everything we possibly can to not only give you a product you love but a happy shopping experience with us also
Want to keep up to date with our restocks and launches?
We are very active on Instagram and Facebook (find us under @freetheauthentic) where we keep near daily updates on the behind the scenes and goings on of FTA as well as product updates and insights and information on launches and restocks. We highly recommend joining us on instagram to keep up to date with all the latest.
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