Delivery Notice: during these times all orders are sent out every Friday to help minimise risk. We are taking all precautions possible to stay safe. We hope you can understand.


Please Note: During these times we will be posting orders once a week (Every Friday) Please be patient with us while we try to take measures to keep everyone safe. You can track your order on our website by logging on or via the email we send you with your delivery and tracking information (please check your spam/junk folders if this has not been received). Because of this orders may take a little longer to land with you. We hope you can understand.

Returns & Breakages Policy

We want our customers to be happy so if you have a problem with your item you can contact us through our contact page to try and resolve the issue. You must contact us within 7 days of receiving your item, after this time frame we cannot help you with a return. Please state the item name, price and reason for wanting to return it. We will then give you our Returns Address and 7 days to return the item.

We will only refund items sent to us in their original state that we sent them to you. If there are any faults or damage to the item that were not there when they left Free The Authentic we will be unable to give a refund. We keep a close check of all our items along with photos so to have proof of all our items original state and there for cannot refund for any damage or faults incurred after they have left our building.


Breakages, Washing, Care and Refunds:

Hair Accessories:

All of our headbands are made with plastic inners. There for should not be bent or harshly handled as plastic can snap if they are bent too much out of shape. We can not refund for headband breakages as is it the responsibility of the owner to take care of the headband.

We also cannot refund for any damage made to the fabrics as these are thoroughly checked before leaving FTA.​

Embroidered Wears:

We cannot refund any items where damage has been made to embroidered wears after they have left us here at FTA. We use high quality threads and all embroideries are made in house here at FTA. There for there is a high level of quality checking through the process of making our embroidered wears. Please be sure to avoid sharp edges and corners with your embroidered wears to avoid snagging of the threads. Take care during washing and drying. Our embroideries are generally hard wearing but to ensure they live a long beautiful life we recommend taking extra precautions during washing, drying, wearing and storing your wears.

Vintage, Preloved, Recycled and Ethical Wears:

All your wears should come with wash instructions either on the garments label or with a note in your order. If for some reason you do not have this please contact us for wash instructions for your item. We cannot refund customers who may have damaged their items through incorrect washing. There for please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns before washing. 

Due to the nature of Vintage and Preloved fabrics we cannot refund for signs of wear on these items. While we specifically look for vintage and preloved wears that are in great condition for their age it is still a natural part of their history to show some signs of wear. Please be aware of this before purchasing a vintage or preloved item. The listing for these items will state any signs of wear or damage that may be on the item. 


All of our jewellery is made using either polymer clay or epoxy resins. Please be gentle with these items and store them safely when not wearing them to avoid chipping the jewellery. Always make sure jewellery is safely secured while wearing or storing to reduce the risk of losing any charms or pieces that are a part of the product. We cannot refund or replace any jewellery or pieces where loss or damage has been incurred after 7 days of receiving your items.

Shipping and Shipping Outside Of The UK?

While we do ship abroad and have set shipping prices we highly recommend you get in touch with us first to discuss your shipping options as you could save money rather than going through our set shipping costs. In some cases shipping may be more expensive and it will be up to you weather you want to go ahead with placing your order or not. There for we strongly recommend contacting us first before making an order outside of the UK. We can also inform you how long it will take for your item/s to arrive.

Customers are responsible for all taxes and duties imposed by their country of residence. Should Free The Authentic be invoiced directly from the shipping company after delivery, we will email an invoice for the balance due which will need to be paid immediately.

Orders are sent out for delivery 1-3 business days after your order has been placed and will arrive with you 3-7 days after placing your order.