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The Messy Bow & Curly Band Story

The Messy Bows 
were created through experimenting with headscarf styles over headbands/alice bands. 
I’ve had a life long passion for headscarfs and feeling the love hate relationship for them with how beautiful and empowering they look but also how frustrating they can be to get the look just right while having to readjust them throughout the day/night to check it still looks just as on point as when you first styled it. So I decided to focus on creating a design of the headscarf look over a alice band so you can get that same flawless headscarf look every time without the fuss of styling! The perfect yet effortless look to complete your style. 
Named The Messy Bow to reflect the casual yet elegant and powerful look of the headscarf style worn and styled throughout history by women in a vast variety of ways and purposes.
Now we amazing women live busy lifestyles I felt it was high time a more practical design of the headscarf look existed for the modern day woman, So I created the Messy Bow!

We now have 3 FTA original Messy Bow designs available, all created and designed exclusively here at FTA:

The Messy Bow Original 
This was our very first Messy Bow invention. Featuring one simple oversized bow made with one piece of fabric covering the entire alice band with the bow placement fixed slightly off centre so no matter what you are getting up to throughout the day you can be sure to know that come the evening the bow will always look exactly as it did when you first popped it on. 
The Messy Bow Classic
The Messy Bow Classic was our second FTA exclusive design creating a classic vintage headscarf look over a alice band where the placement of the knot bow is either fixed to the centre of the top band or slightly off centre so you can rock that gorgeous classic retro vibe all day and night with the bow remaining fixed in place and looking beautiful.
The Messy Bow Slider
 This is our 3rd FTA exclusive design where we create the classic vintage knot bow but this time it’s not fixed in place. It’s a slider!! Perfect for those who love both the look of the bow either central or off centre and want to switch up the style whenever you please using the same beautiful band. 

The Messy Bow design of creating a headscarf style over a headband/alice band started here at FTA. Designed and handmade by myself (Marcia) making them one of the first headscarf style headbands/alice bands available on the market for adults. This is some thing we truly pride ourselves on here at FTA and are so incredibly passionate and excited about as they have also become our best sellers along with other makers and brands imitating The FTA Messy Bow design (We’ll take that as a compliment).
We select carefully chosen high quality fabrics with new fabrics coming from my home land (Germany) known for their high quality and design perfection.
We also carefully select preloved and vintage fabrics to create a more ethical line within our brand doing our bit to support what we are also very passionate about: owning a business and with it the responsibility to have a ethical journey in mind.
All of our headbands are made over a plastic inner band. We tried experimenting with metal designs to avoid plastic however through trial runs we discovered they created the one thing every headband maker dreads: Pressure Headaches!! We prioritise comfort with the design of our headbands so we had to return back to plastic inners using a female owned company in the UK who design and make our headband inners.
As you can probably tell our FTA Messy Bows are truly the roots that create Free The Authentic as we know it. We put incredible amounts of time, love and passion into the creation and design of our Messy Bows and are so excited that you love them as much as we do, and if you are new to us and curious about our Messy Bows you can join us on instagram @freetheauthentic to discover more and see the various looks that we ourselves and our customers achieve with them.

The FTA Curly Band Story

One thing my whole family can vouch for is my life long and some times ridiculous obsession with having curly hair.
You see I was born with polka straight hair and naturally this meant I wanted curls and waves! (queue my mum telling me she wishes I’d stop messing with my hair...all my life). 
I went to ridiculous lengths to get those curls and waves from as young as 10. Curling tongs and straighteners were a bit of luxury back in those days so I resorted to curling my hair in probably the most un-luxurious way a girl could possibly do it. I used.... bog roll! Yep, that’s right. Straight up toilet paper. I effectively took on the form of the Medusa of the sewers every night before going to bed and I’d wake up every day like a golden ringlet angel. Anyway, safe to say my family were at their wits end of always going to the toilet and discovering there was no loo roll left on a way too regular occasion.
I tried all the tricks in the book. I mean, if  I started this journey to curly hair with loo roll you can only imagine everything else I was willing to try. 

As I grew in to my teens I developed another obsession...dying and bleaching my hair. A firm fave to this day.
As I reached my early twenties I realised that my hair was literally breaking off from all the heat damage from curling tongs (yeh, I had a job in those days, I could afford such luxuries now)  and bleach/dye. Some thing had to give yet I wasn’t prepared to give up either my curls or colour. So I discovered the wrap method, essentially just wrapping your hair around anything you can find. A band, a dressing gown belt, anything. It became my absolute go to. It was the winner for perfect curls. However, it looked ridiculous! And when you are a young twenty some thing and you begin to have  companions in your bed as well as going to festivals, adventures in vans where there was no easy access to electricity it started to be a tough choice “do I want to look a plonker at night with my hair wraps but look great in the morning or do I want to look cute at night but wake up with no curls?” These things matter when you’re young as ridiculous as it may seem now. 

Anyway, it got me thinking and the designing process began in my head for the FTA Curly Bands until I finally couldn’t wait any longer and created them. A super cute and stylish, heat free, minimal damage and comfortable way to curl your hair. It was a game changer and I’ve used my design and method for YEARS now. However I never imagined anyone else would give two hoots about my design or method.
Cut to me creating Free The Authentic and I suddenly realised a year into business the one thing my customers would ask me more than anything else is “how do you get your hair to look so wavey/curly” probably expecting me to reply with some form of new curling technology including major heat etc. I realised the maybe people would be interested in my method and design after all?
So I created a huge batch of curly bands on the quiet and told all my amazing customers I’d be revealing my secret soon. Those interested waited in anticipation and I was convinced I’d maybe sell 10 if I was lucky and be left with a whole load of stock I’d spend the next year trying to shift.
The launch date for the Curly Band came and well let’s just say, I couldn’t have been more wrong!
The Curly Bands went live and as quickly as they launched they were sold out. In under two minutes they were gone. I was completely blown away and my jaw nearly hit the floor. So as I sat there picking my jaw up off the floor the messages started pouring in.... the disappointed messages from customers who hadn’t managed to get one because they sold so quick!
So I got to making in the next 24 hours, I’d make as many as I could possibly make with barely any sleep or a break so that the next night I could do a restock.
And whaddya know? They sold out AGAIN under two minutes, and like Groundhog Day the messages came flooding in once more.
So here we are now. The story of the Curly Band has led us to this exciting point for us all to share this silly little curly haired journey of mine that led to the creation of The Curly Band, a heat free, minimal damage, comfortable and damn cute and stylish way to curl your hair! Who woulda funk it hey?


One of our Curly Bands in Mint


IPO Trademark Notice: copying FTA original designs such as the Messy Bows, Curly Bands and Embroidered Wears will not be tolerated and further action will be taken.
We are having to do this as our original designs are being copied. FTA are the original owners and creators of the Messy Bow design and FTA Curly Bands.